UKONS SACT Competency Passport Learning Outcomes

21 February 2019

The UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) have developed a Systemic Anti- Cancer Therapy (SACT) Competency Passport Learning Outcomes Framework, which aligns with the UKONS SACT Competency Passport and provides further guidance for assessing practice competence with the aim of standardising SACT competence assessment across the UK.

The Framework was written by Dr Verna Lavender, Head of Guy’s Cancer Academy, and Dr Catherine Oakley, Chemotherapy Nurse Consultant, both from Guy’s and St.Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, as part of the UKONS SACT Competence Passport Steering Group. It will be available to download from the UKONS website (within the SACT MIG webpages).

The UKONS SACT Passport Steering Group worked with colleagues from CapitalNurse, the London Lead Cancer Nurse Group and the North Central London STP Workforce: Education and Training, to gain approval from the NHS Electronic Staff Record Specialist Interest Group (SiG) for the UKONS SACT Competency Passport and Learning Outcomes Framework to be approved as a SACT Core Skills Training Framework. These UKONS documents have now been published as national competences on the NHS ESR to be used by all NHS Trusts. This is an exciting and significant development (NHS ESR User Notice 2709), which will facilitate the mobilisation of chemotherapy competent staff across NHS organisations and reduce training costs by avoiding the need for additional inter-organisation assessment.

To view the UKONS SACT Competency Learning Outcomes Framework, log on to the UKONS website. The document is filed within the SACT MIG resources.