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Managing Chemotherapy Extravasations Masterclass

8 December 2018 / Event

On behalf of Clinigen, we would like to invite you, or members of your chemotherapy and pharmacy team, to attend the following masterclass for managing chemotherapy extravasations.

How to login to our new website

16 November 2018 / News

Instructions on how to login to our new-look website for existing and new members..

Macmillan Mobile Information and Support Service

25 October 2018 / News

The Macmillan Mobile Information and Support Service visits local communities and offers support and information about cancer.

Sexual function in patients receiving chemo radiation for Head and Neck Cancer

14 September 2018 / News

A diagnosis of cancer and accompanying treatment can have a negative effect on sexual function. Many people with cancer find this a distressing and worrying feature of their illness which can reduce quality of life. It has been known for some years that patients...

Immunology Professors win Nobel prize for discovering foundations of modern immunotherapy drugs

11 October 2018 / News

For the first time scientists working on the development of cancer therapies have won a Nobel prize. Dr James Allison, from The University of Texas, and Professor Tasuku Honjo, based at Kyoto University, have been awarded the Nobel Prize...

Scottish Colorectal Study Day

30 November 2018 / News

Bringing together health professionals who have an interest in colorectal cancer, including colorectal clinical nurse specialists, primary care staff and allied health professions.

UKONS/Gilead Haemato-Oncology Nurse Masterclass

15 November 2018 / Event

The UKONS/Gilead Sciences Ltd – Haemato-Oncology Nurse Masterclass is an afternoon medical education meeting focusing on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) and Follicular Lymphoma (FL). 

New Patients guide to Breast cancer published

27 September 2018 / News

As we move rapidly into October, Breast Cancer awareness month, a new book entitled ‘The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to feel empowered and take control’ has been published which provides a guide for patients from the point of view of two doctors who have both been diagnosed with, and treated for, breast cancer.

Macmillan Rehabilitation Pathways Published

16 August 2018 / News

In 2013 the Cancer Action Team gathered together the evidence to support the promotion of cancer rehabilitation as a major part of NHS oncology policy.

UKONS member Gloria O’Connor wins the RCN 2018 Northern Ireland Cancer Nursing Award

4 July 2018 / News

The Royal College of Nursing Norther Ireland awards ceremony was held on the 7th June 12, 2018, at the Culloden Hotel

UK study shows that patients with a cancer diagnosis are at increased risk of suicide

6 July 2018 / News

A UK study has shown that patients with cancer are at increased risk of suicide.

Cancer Award Winners

10 July 2018 / News

The last fortnight we are delighted to see Cancer Nurses being recognised for their outstanding work and improvements to patient care in a number of National Awards

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2017 – National Report Published

25 July 2018 / News

The national report from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2017 (NCPES) was published on 27th July 2018