Frequently asked questions

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Can I advertise a job to UKONS members?

Yes, UKONS advertise job adverts via Breaking News, as mailshots to UKONS members, and on the UKONS website.

Does UKONS charge for job adverts, and if so how much?

Yes, UKONS has a fixed fee for advertising one job to its members via Breaking News, mailshots and on the UKONS website for two consecutive weeks. The current advertising fee, which is subject to 20% VAT, can be found HERE 

Is there a specific format required for wording of job adverts?

Yes, please obtain the format required for wording job adverts by contacting ukons@media1productions.co.uk. Note additional information about the post can be included by submitting a file in pdf format or a URL address, which UKONS will link to the advert using an html link.

What are the terms of payment for UKONS job adverts?

The payment term is 30 days from the date of the invoice.

I want to adverts several jobs, is it possible to get a discount?

Please contact ukons@media1productions.co.uk who will forward your request to the UKONS Treasurer.