Member access to Cancer Demystified series

Members of  UKONS wishing to access the webinars must do so using the code below and also provide their membership number. You can access the LIVE webinar schedule and recorded sessions by following the links below:

Cancer Demystified LIVE webinar schedule

Cancer Demystified Recordings

1.                   Simply go through the process of registering with your work email address

2.                   When prompted to choose Cancer Alliance/Subscribing Organisation please select ‘UKONS’

3.                   Enter UKONS membership number.

4.                   Proceed to payment page

5.                   Type in code as substitute for payment details

6.                   You will receive confirmation of registration

Please refer to the ‘Handy Guide to Registering for a webinar

Code: ONS4324

Further information about the webinars can be found at  

Blood Cancers 
Tumour Specific Sites
Cancer Treatments 
Cancer (not so) basics