UKONS Digital SACT Competency Passport

8 September 2022

UKONS are excited to announce a new collaboration to bring the SACT Competency Passport to a fully digital solution, based on the Compassly competency passporting app.

UKONS members will be able to complete their SACT Passports entirely digitally, using an app on their phone or on the web. It will enable far closer collaboration between users and assessors, seamless and secure transfer of the passport between organisations and helpful digital features like expiry reminders and live capture of evidence.

There is still a significant amount of work to do as part of the project to bring the SACT Passport into Compassly, but the planned timeline is for the adaptations to the app to be designed, developed and tested through the end of 2022 and into 2023, with a pilot phase in spring/summer 2023 and a roll-out in autumn 2023.

The app will remain entirely free for UKONS members to use and maintain.

Mark Foulkes, president of UKONS said:

‘The UKONS SACT Passport has been used by thousands of clinicians across hundreds of healthcare organisations over the past five years, to help improve and standardise the approach for SACT care. Our members have consistently told us that they appreciate the detailed, evidence-backed content in the passport but the current format is cumbersome, particularly in the clinical environment. We’re looking forward to bringing the SACT Passport into a simple-to-use but powerful mobile and web application’

UKONS are very pleased to be working with Tefogo to adapt the Compassly competency passport app and carried out a rigorous and competitive tender process, The team were impressed by the capabilities that the Compassly platform brings and  are confident that the Tefogo team have the skills and healthcare technology expertise to produce a truly excellent experience to our members using the SACT Passport.

Jonathan Knight, CEO & Co-founder of Tefogo, the company responsible for Compassly said:

‘The whole team is incredibly proud to be working with UKONS to bring the SACT Passport to Compassly. Since we first set out to bring digital competency passports to healthcare, we’ve considered the UKONS SACT Passport the gold standard in how to standardise high quality competencies, in the NHS and private care across the UK and beyond. We know the critical work that UKONS members doing to care for patients with cancer, and we extend that responsibility to the consideration and hard work we put into developing Compassly to support their professional development’

As part of the project, UKONS and Tefogo will also be appointing a part-time role to provide clinical expertise into the design and development of the revised digital app. Full details of this role can be found here. Interested applicants can submit their application through this online form.


Some Questions Answered:

What’s happening?

The existing UKONS SACT Competency Passport will be moving to a fully digital platform, on the Compassly app. This means that future competency passports will be completed and maintained entirely digitally, through the Compassly app.

The process to design and develop the features to adapt Compassly to the SACT Passport will take some time and we expect the new version will be ready to go in the second half of 2023.


The existing paper passport can be limiting and cumbersome, particularly to maintain over time. Although the editable PDF version allows typing and saving of a digital copy, it is not centrally saved (so can be easily lost) and is challenging to work on, particularly away from a computer. The digital version will be far clearer and easier to use, it will allow a live copy to be saved in the cloud and allows us to oversee the entire process far more easily.

What happens until then?

Please continue to use the paper passport until the app version is tested, piloted and launched and you should continue to use your existing paper/PDF passports, and anyone new to the passport should use the paper or PDF version until the digital app version is launched.

If I’ve completed the initial passport on paper, will I need to redo it digitally?

No, you will not have to repeat any completed paper passports digitally. If you are part-way through the paper passport when the digital version launches, then you will have the choice of whether to complete on paper or move to the digital version.


To help UKONS members and others understand more about the project, a full list of Frequently Asked Questions will be maintained here.

You can find out more details on the Compassly’s system with further details on the UKONS passport solution through this link.  


You can also reach UKONS and Compassly on Twitter - @UKONSmember or @CompasslyApp.