What are your experiences with the pandemic?

15 March 2021

As oncology nurses, we understand the needs of our patients, yet the COVID-19 pandemic has vastly impacted our ability to attend to those needs. We have encountered complicated challenges from screening to survivorship and end of life, and we have developed new ways to respond. 

We do not want to lose those stories; your stories are an important perspective on our nursing history.

The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is based in the US and is the largest professional association of oncology nurses in the world, with more than 35,000 members. They are committed to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and the transformation of cancer care, and they are compiling nurses’ unique voices in an online collection titled ‘Reflections on COVID-19 and Cancer Care: Stories by Oncology Nurses’. This will have an international flavour. This process will result in the production of a  free, web-based resource will include insights about how nurses have cared for themselves and for their patients with cancer during the pandemic. 

UKONS formed part of the UKONS sponsored session on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic at the ISNCC conference earlier this year and are very keen for nurses based in the UK to contribute. We want to feature the successes and struggles of UK cancer nurses, whether they are professional or personal. Contributions should be brief; between 500 and 1,000 words. Please consider sharing your experiences with our nursing community by completing this brief submission form.

Contact mailto:pubcomment@ons.org with questions or to discuss your topic. We look forward to hearing from you!