UKONS Position Statement on SACT Nursing Staff in the UK

The UKONS Board have been asked by its members for guidance about NMC registered nursing associates who are employed as band 4 staff giving SACT drugs. We have consulted with members of the UKONS SACT MIG Committee, the UKONS Lead Cancer Nurse forum and external organisations to draft this Position Statement.

The UKONS SACT Competence Learning Outcomes Framework and UKONS SACT Competence Passport was adopted by the NHS ESR Group in February 2019 as the national standard for SACT competence assessment in the UK. UKONS strongly recommend that all SACT practitioners in the UK are assessed using this standardised assessment documentation. The requisite for completing the UKONS SACT Competence Passport is that clinicians are registered nurses, pharmacists or therapy radiographers.

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