UKONS Award £50,000 Research Grant

6 December 2021

In the summer of 2021 UKONS announced a research grant of up to £50,000 to support a preliminary research study to explore the perception of nurses about potential occupational exposure to cytotoxic drugs. This follows on from the UKONS-funded Cochrane Review published in 2018 looking at that use of closed system transfer devices in addition to safe handling.

Four applications were received from research groups in the UK. The panel used a robust, independent appraisal system to select and score the applications, which were of a very high standard. Following this process, which included exclusion of panel members with a conflict of interest, the grant was awarded to a research group from Edinburgh Napier University.

Their proposed research will commence in 2022 and complete in October 2023, ready for sharing at the 2023 UKONS conference. The study aims to explore and gain an understanding of nursing experiences and perceptions, in the context of current and past practice, of potential occupational exposure to cytotoxic drugs.

UKONS will keep members informed of the progress of the project.