Study: “National Review of Risk Assessment and Preparation Handling Requirements for Monoclonal Antibody Products”

Dear Colleague

Does your role involve handling, preparation or assessing monoclonal antibody products?  If the answer is yes then you may be able to participate in a project I am undertaking that is looking at the way in Monoclonal Antibody products are risk assessed and handled in a healthcare setting.

The research study is titled  “National Review of Risk Assessment and Preparation Handling Requirements for Monoclonal Antibody Products”.  This project will form part of a Master of Science dissertation conducted by a Pharmaceutical Technology and Quality Assurance student at the University of Manchester, School of Health Sciences.

The aim of this project is to find out what the current practices for the risk assessment and preparation of Monoclonal Antibodies might be

Monoclonal Antibody products, as well as biosimilar preparations are an ever growing treatment group, with expansion beyond their typical cancer services usage.  Due to unavailability or limited centralised compounding services, NHS trusts frequently have to decide who, where and how these items can be made. 

With this study we hope to investigate current practices on preparation and decision making of these products across a range of healthcare professionals.  This data will then be used to make recommendations where required to protect patients and employees.


Please feel able to share this communication to other professionals within your institution who are involved with the risk assessment or handling of monoclonal antibody products

Full participant information and the data collection survey can be found at the link below:

If you require any further information please email:

Thank you for your time and consideration of this study.