On-line survey: COVID-19 End-of-life-care experiences

28 May 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has many people in the UK. Social distancing restrictions have affected
healthcare delivery, with significant changes to the way individuals are cared for, as inpatients
and in the community. These include individuals being cared for at the end of their life.

We have developed an online questionnaire for people to share their experiences of end-of-
life care provision during the COVID-19 crisis, to help plan for and manage situations like this

in the future. We would like to hear from those who have experienced the death of a relative
or friend, and any health and social care professionals who cared for a patient who died during
the COVID-19 crisis. The person who died may or may not have been infected with COVID-19.
The information provided will help to inform service delivery for patients in the final stages
of their life in the future, during periods of heightened pressure on healthcare services. Please
read the participant information sheet to find out more, which can be accessed via the survey