NHS to radically overhaul diagnostic service delivery

The report recommended-:

•           that tests for emergency and elective diagnostics should be separate, to reduce hold-ups for patients

•           CT scanning capacity should be doubled over the next five years to meet increasing demand and to match other developed countries

•           Tests for heart and lung diseases need to be enhanced given the link to coronavirus

•           More staff should to be trained to undertake screening colonoscopies

•           That the imaging workforce should be expanded as soon as possible with 2,000 additional radiologists and 4,000 radiographers as well as other support staff

Alongside improvements in outcomes and convenience for patients, Sir Mike said that there were major efficiency gains to be had, including:

•           Reductions in costs of CT and MRI scanners through centralised bulk buying

•           Increased use of same day emergency care through improved access to diagnostics in A&E departments

•           Shorter hospital stays through tests being undertaken on same day as the request

To read the report in full go to https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/BM2025Pu-item-5-diagnostics-recovery-and-renewal.pdf