The Christie School of Oncology – Foundations in Oncology 3-day course



The Christie are pleased to share the offer of 100 free places, supporting staff across our systems to gain access to an ACTIVE programme, delivering the foundations of Oncology.

For clinical, non-clinical professionals and support staff caring for people with cancer, the programme provides a foundation in oncology to support you in your role. Ideal for people new to cancer.

The programme is hosted in a virtual learning environment and involves active participation.

The programme includes direct support through a nominated coach, a progress report, and an oncology reference tool.

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Upcoming events

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Title: Managing menopause after breast cancer master class

Link to book: Advanced clinical practice away day (

Overview: This hybrid course aims to inspire and motivate trainees and qualified advanced clinical practice (ACP). It will expose staff to aspects of ACP life outside of the clinical arena, engaging in stimulating, educational and diverse material.

Title: Managing menopause after breast cancer master class

Link to book:

Overview: This study day will provide information, advice, and expertise on menopausal symptoms and endocrine side effects on people with breast cancer. It will focus on supporting clinicians to help people manage these symptoms and side effects and provide strategies to improve quality of life while minimising risk of cancer recurrence.

Intended Audience: All qualified health professionals involved in the care of people with breast cancer, or anyone with a special interest in this patient group.

What to expect: An exciting and varied programme delivered by experts in the field, covering topics ranging from the aetiology and management of endocrine side effects, impact on sexual health and function, and the information around use of HRT in this patient population. There will be a mixture of presentations and interactive discussion.

Fee: Free to attend

Title: Practical Skills in Geriatric Oncology Study day

Date: Thursday 18th April 2024

Link to book:

What to expect : This study day aims to provide clinicians with a range of skills to support older people with cancer and complex needs. It will focus on practical aspects of care and treatment, including ‘how to’ guides and case studies. Attendees should complete the study day having increased their ability to identify and manage some common issues for older people with cancer.

Intended audience: The study day is aimed at clinicians including junior doctors, GPs, nurses, AHPs, as well as academics, researchers, and students. The study day is primarily aimed at Christie and GM staff, however national attendees will be welcomed.

Topics Covered :

  • Medications and polypharmacy
  • Fatigue
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Falls
  • Common comorbid conditions

Attendee fee: £50-£80

Title: An Intro to Haematology Care

Date:Wednesday 8th May 2024

Link to book:

Overview: This study day will provide a basic understanding of caring for haematology patients and expand knowledge on the diseases and the complications that can occur.

Intended Audience: Newly qualified health care professionals (HCP’s) new to haematology or those wanting a refresher on basic knowledge. Also open to all nurses and HCP’s working with haematology patients.

What to expect:

· Haematopoesis & Basic Immunology

· Diagnosing Haematological Malignancies

· Disease group sessions- Acute Leukaemia, Myeloma, Lymphoma

· Stem cell transplant


Attendee fee: £50-£80

Title: Wound Care Study Day

Date: Wednesday 25th September 2024

Link to book: Wound Care Study Day Tickets, Wed 25 Sep 2024 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

Overview: This course will provide a multi-disciplinary approach to cancers affecting the skin. It will share typical presentations and discuss their management. There will be opportunities to explore treatment options, share good practice and debate day to day challenges in wound care.

Intended Audience: A study day intended for GPs, District Nurses, Practice Nurses, Tissue Viability Nurses, Lymphoedema Practitioners, Oncology Nurses and Radiotherapy staff.

What to expect:

  • Skin Malignancies
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Radiotherapy Skin Reactions
  • Lymphoedema
  • Fungating Wounds
  • Head & Neck Cancers
  • Vulval cancers
  • Case Studies

Attendee fee: £50-£80