Royal Marsden Course and Study Days

The Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre is known worldwide for its exciting programme of cancer study days and conferences 

Link to the site: https://www.ukons.org/events/royal-marsden-school-course-and-study-days/


The Royal Marsden Conference Team Calendar of Events 2021

13 May  Advancing Practice in Pain Management

19-20 May Foundation Oncology Skills for Nurses new to working in Paediatric and Adolescent Cancer  Care       

7 June 2021 Uro-oncology Study Day

22 June 2021 Genetics Testing Virtual Conference (in collaboration with Agena Bioscience)

15-16 July 2021 Clinical Omics Technologies in Precision Management of Cancer

26 July 2021 CAR-T Study Day

30 September Swallowing and Communication Study Day

8 October The 14th  Royal Marsden Breast Cancer Meeting: Hot Topics