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Oncology/Haematology 24-Hour Triage Toolkit

Information and Instruction Manual - updated December 2016.

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Download: Mi_2355814_01_12_16_v1_2.pdf.pdf : [size: 527237kb]

UKONS Board papers - July 2017

Download: UKONS_Board_Minutes_14th_July_2017.pdf.pdf : [size: 283525kb]

UKONS Board papers - June 2017

Download: UKONS_Board_Minutes_7th_June_2017_AMENDED.pdf.pdf : [size: 393001kb]

UKONS Board papers - April 2017

Download: UKONS_Board_Minutes_21_April_2017.pdf.pdf : [size: 306473kb]

UKONS Board papers - March 2017

Download: UKONS_Board_Minutes_8th_March_2017_-_Approved.pdf.pdf : [size: 327680kb]

1st European Cancer Nursing Day May 18th 2017

EONS will hold the 1st European Cancer Nursing Day on 18th May 2017. This will be an annual event, celebrated on the same date every year. European Cancer Nursing Day reflects in a unique and global way the significance of each cancer nurse throughout every geographical extension of Europe. The celebration will stress the importance of the recognition of cancer nursing on a European level, as well as the importance of further education and training, i.e. specialisation in Cancer Nursing.

For more information please see HERE

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